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Report 91-17: The Role, Structure, and Operation of the Commission: A Preliminary Response to Senate Bill 2374

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

September 1991

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In an effort assess California's need for each presently existing State funded advisory body, 2374 Presley, 1990, which requires the 1992-93 Governor's Budget to include an evaluation of every existing and proposed State funded advisory body based on the specified criteria ranging from the uniqueness of the agency and the composition of its membership to the accessibility of its membership to the accessibility of its meetings to the public and its working relationships with other government agencies. Following those evaluations, the Legislature and Governor will determine which, if any, of the agencies should be eliminated. Those agencies identified to be eliminated will be funded only through January 1, 1993 and are thereafter to be terminated.

Because of the Commission's role, responsibilities, functions, and funding source, it falls under the provisions of SB 2374. Anticipating the implementation of SB 2374, the Commission staff brought this Statement to the Commission for discussion at its September 28, 1991, meeting for two reasons;

(1) to receive advice from Commissioners early in the process of framing a formal response to SB 2374; and (2) to take advantage of the opportunity provided by SB 2374 to review the enabling the Commission and to describe the benefits that accrue to the State from an independent, non partisan advisory agency for higher education.

The statement opens with a brief section explaining its origins in SB 2374 and than responds in sequence to each of the ten criteria enumerated in that bill. Is ends with examples of six ways in which the Commission saves the State millions of dollars in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities of "eliminating waste and unnecessary duplication" of California's public postsecondary education facilities and assuring the "effective utilization" of these facilities.

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