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Report 91-20: Student Fees, Access, and Quality: Prospects and Issues for the 1992-93 Budget Process

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1991

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The Commission's Ad Hoc Committee on Student Fees, Financial Aid, and the State Budget was established in the spring of 1991 and has consisted of Commissioners Mim Andelson, William T. Bagley, Henry Der, John F. Parkhurst, Ted J. Saenger, and Stephen P. Teale (chair). Members of the Committee met at the Commission offices on November 26, 1991, to discuss materials prepared by the staff regarding options for responding to the serious fiscal constraints facing the State and its institutions of higher education in 1992-93. Based on that meeting, the Committee brought this report for Commission consideration at its December 9 meeting.

The six policy principles listed on page 1 of the report, along with data presented on pages 3-22, led the Ad Hoc Committee to the five conclusions about elements requiring consideration during the fiscal crisis effecting the State's systems of higher education -- enrollment management strategies, student fees, financial aid, nonresident tuition, and residency requirements, and broader finance issues -- that are listed on page 2 and explained on pages 23-26.

The Commission adopted this report on recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee in order to facilitate analysis of various budget and legislative proposals concerning fees.

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