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Report 91-21: Legislative and State Budget Priorities of the Commission, 1992: A Report of the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1991

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Each your since 1988, the Commission has issued a statement of its legislative priorities for the coming year, and since 1989, it has done the same for State budget affecting higher education. Because of the particularly close relationship between legislative and budget proposals during the State's current fiscal crisis, the Commission has combined those two previously separate documents into this one for 1992. In it, the Commission lists its five priorities for the coming year;

  1. Adequate Funding for California Higher Education (page 1);
  2. Continuing Efforts to Increase Educational Diversity in California Higher Education (page 2);
  3. Financing Adult Education (page 2);
  4. Implementation of Community College Reforms Under AB 1725 (page 3); and
  5. Planning and Development of the Use of Educational Technology (page 3).
In developing those five priorities, the Commission was guided both by its 1992 workplan and by the priorities established by the Governor and the Legislature for higher education during the coming year.

The Commission adopted this statement at its December 9, 1991, meeting on advice of its Administration and Liaison Committee.

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