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Report 91-22: Proposed Construction of the Western Nevada County Center, Sierra Joint Community College District: A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to a Request for Capital Funds for a Permanent Off-Campus Center in the Grass Valley/Nevada City Area

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1991

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The California Legislature has agreed not to approve the expenditure of State funds for the acquisition of sites or construction of new community colleges, branches or off campus centers unless recommended by the Commission under this authority, the Commission has reviewed a proposal from the Sierra joint Community College District for a permanent off campus center of Sierra College in the Grass Valley/Nevada City are of western Nevada County.

The Commission agrees with the Chancellor's Office of the California Community College that a definite need exists for a permanent center in the grass valley area, but it has concluded that the Sierra district's environmental impact report for the center did not adequately assess the potential impact on traffic of an enrollment of more than 950 full time equivalent students at the site proposed for the center. Therefore, the Commission has approved the following recommendations in this report;

  1. The Commission approves the building of a permanent Western Nevada County Center with a capacity sufficient to serve 950 full time equivalent students the capacity proposed in the Sierra joint Community College District's February 1991 Project Planning Guide for phase one.
  2. If the Sierra joint Community College District decides to expand the Center beyond a capacity of 950 full time equivalent students, it should:

    1. Reexamine the transportation study that was included in its environmental impact report in such a manner as to address the traffic impacts of a center serving a larger number of students;
    2. Consult fully with the City grass Valley, including its City Council and other appropriate agencies, in conjunction with the above reexamination;
    3. Request the Demographic Research Unit of the Department of Finance to review the Unit's original 1986 enrollment projections for the Western Nevada County Center in light of the 1990 census and the district's most recent enrollment reports and report its findings to the Sierra joint Community College District, the Chancellor's Office, and the Commission; and
    4. Resubmit a request for review and approval by the Director of the Commission prior to the State's funding an expansion of the center beyond the 950 full time equivalent student capacity
The Commission adopted this report of December 9, 1991, on recommendation of its Policy Development Committee.
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