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Report 92-3: California's Joint Doctoral Programs: A Report on Doctoral Programs Offered by Campuses of the California State University with Campuses of the University of California and the Claremont Graduate School

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1992

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This report responds to questions about the joint doctoral programs that the California State University offers in cooperation with the University of California and the Claremont Graduate School. The document is descriptive in nature and includes information about both the historical development of what are now a dozen such programs and the enrollments, degree production, characteristics of students in these programs and the job placement of graduates over the past ten years. The first program was offered in 1965, but the statistical data presented here are limited to the decade that began in 1980-81 because of incomplete information about students who enrolled earlier.

Part One of the report discusses the origins and scope of the study. Part Two offers an overview of the purpose, growth, and current status of the programs. Part Three describes the number, characteristics, background, and job placement of students in the programs. Part Four lists the primary characteristics of each of the current programs. And Part Five identifies nine issues for further consideration regarding the programs.

The Commission views this report as preliminary to and small part of its comprehensive study of graduate education in California, which it began late in 1991 and expects to complete during Fall 1992. As a result, this report dose not include recommendations about these joint doctoral programs in anticipation of the larger report containing such suggestions.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting of January 27, 1992, on recommendation of its Policy Evaluation Committee.

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