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Report 92-4: Prospects for Long-Range Capital Planning in California Public Higher Education: A Preliminary Review. A Staff Report to the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1992

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The California Postsecondary Education Commission has long been involved in various aspects of the capital outlay process, including the review of proposals for new campuses and off-campus centers, the review of bond issue legislation, the projection of new campus costs, and the analysis of space and utilization standards.

Now, due to the most severe budget crisis in the history of California's State government, and the continuing rapid growth in the demand for postsecondary education services, the Commission has decided to expand its involvement in capital outlay review, specifically to (1) collect comprehensive, integrated information on systemwide capital needs over the next 15 years; (2) examine the capital outlay process itself, particularly at the state level; (3) analyze possible funding alternatives for capital construction and renovation; and (4) review available options for reducing capital costs by addressing the cost per square foot of construction.

This staff report constitute the first step in this expanded area of concern. It contains five-and fifteen-year projections of capital outlay needs in each of the three public systems, including preliminary delineations of the amounts needed for new construction and renovation; a description of present and potential funding options, with several displays indicating the mechanics and costs of the bonding process; a brief description of the approval process necessary to bring buildings from the point of conception to occupancy; and a conclusion that suggests areas for further exploration.

From this initial discussion of the subject, it is clear that available funding sources will be insufficient to meet all of the needs stated by the systems to be necessary. Consequently, and assuming ways cannot be found to expand funding beyond recent levels, the options will be either to reduce enrollments, or discover greater efficiencies in the use of physical facilities, In the coming months -- and perhaps years -- the Commission staff intends to explore any and all available options.

The Commission discussed this report at its meeting of January 27, 1992.

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