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Report 92-7: Analyses of Options and Alternatives for California Higher Education: Comments by the Staff of the California Postsecondary Education Commission on Current Proposals for Change in California's Public Colleges and Universities

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 1992

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In light of the State's current fiscal constraints, a number of parties have suggested options and alternatives to help the State's public higher education systems deal with their financial needs. Some of those alternatives are not desirable in terms of the State's policies for higher education, but given the fiscal situation facing the State and its public colleges and university, they require examination. To serve the State and its higher education institutions, the Commission's staff has prepared brief analyses of 15 options, indicating their likely consequences -- both positive and negative -- if they were to be implemented.

The Commission's Ad Hoc Committee on Student Fees, Financial Aid, and the State Budget discussed a draft of these analyses at its meeting on March 10, and the full Commission discussed this version at its meeting on March 29-30.

The Ad Hoc Committee directed the staff to continue to study the eight most immediate short-term options discussed on pages 3-34 over the next month, since many of those options are contained in proposed legislation, and then to analyze more fully the seven long-term options describe on pp. 35-56 as part of its on-going study of future financing for California higher education. As a result, staff plans to expand this present set of analyses into the summer.

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