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Report 92-10: Student Profiles, 1991: The Second in a Series of Annual Factbooks About Student Participation in California Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

March 1992

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This item is the second edition of Student Profiles, which seeks to provide comprehensive information about students in postsecondary education in California. Student Profiles contains information on first-time freshmen and transfer students that used to appear in other Commission reports.

The report presents data on students under six categories: (1) All Students, (2) Equity Indexes, (3) First-Time Freshmen and New Students, (4) Transfer Student, (5) Student Outcomes, and (6) Area Specific Student Data. The section on Equity Indexes replaces the "Participation Rate" section of the first edition. The Commission has added this section because of the Commission's ongoing concern with educational equity issues.

Unlike most Commission reports, Student Profiles contains little analytic comment about its data. Instead, the Commission encourages readers to use it as the basis for their own analyses.

The Commission discussed this report at its meeting of March 30, 1992.

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