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Report 92-13: Postsecondary Enrollment Opportunities for High School Students: A Report to the Legislature and the Governor in Response to Chapter 554, Statutes of 1990

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 1992

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This report is the Commission's response to Chapter 554, Statutes of 1990 (McClintock) that asked the Commission to gather information about postsecondary enrollment options programs in various states, including California, and to assess the need and make recommendations about the establishment of a State program in California.

In preparing this response, Commission staff asked members of the State Higher Education Executive Officers association whether their states had such programs and, if so, to forward materials that described their program's operation and results. Twenty-two states sent materials that staff reviewed. Staff then selected from among the 22 the Minnesota program for full description in this report, with brief overviews of the programs in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin, and of related activities in eight other states.

The report opens with background information on the topic (Part One), discusses the opportunities currently available for California's high school students to enroll in college and university courses (Part Two), reviews the programs offered by other states (Part Three), compares their major elements (Part Four), summarizes their strengths and weaknesses (Part Five), and offers conclusions and a recommendation for action in California (Part Six).

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting of June 1, 1992, on recommendation of its Educational Policy and Programs Committee.

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