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Report 92-15: Progress of the California Science Project: A Report to the Legislature in Response to Chapter 1486, Statutes of 1987

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 1992

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The California Science Projects is the third of seven discipline-oriented staff development programs for the State's public schools that the State currently funds. This statewide Science Project has resulted in the establishment of nine regional projects, each of which involves a group of higher education and K-12 institutions, school districts, and county offices of education. Most of these projects are approaching their third year in operation.

The statute that initiated the Project (Chapter 1486, Statutes of 1987) directed the Commission to submit a progress report after three years of operation of the statewide Project and a subsequent evaluation after its fifth year. This report by the staff of the Commission responds to the first of these two responsibilities.

On page 11 of the report, the staff states: "All the evidence available to the Commission staff for this progress report suggests that the California Science Project is making satisfactory progress at this point. It enjoys the significant benefit of operating in an environment of Statewide and national consensus about science education reform." In addition, Commission staff reports that the Project is successfully promoting the collaborative model of staff development that has been modeled so effectively by the California Writing Project and the California Mathematics Projects. The strategy of developing teachers-to-teach-teachers continues to make good use of the State's limited staff development funds by training the Project's participants to become staff development leaders in their districts.

The staff recommends that the Project pay increased attention to two issues: (1) ensuring ongoing administrative support for the objectives of the Project at both the school and district levels, and (2) ensuring improvements in the assessment of students' science learning.

The Commission discussed this report at its meeting of June 1, 1992.

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