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Report 92-17: A Framework for Statewide Facilities Planning: Proposals of the California Postsecondary Education Commission to Improve and Refine the Capital Outlay Planning Process in California Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

August 1992

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The California Postsecondary Education Commission--like its predecessor, the Coordinating Council for Higher Education--has long been involved in various portions of the capital outlay process, including the review of proposals for new campuses and off-campus centers, the review of bond issue legislation, the projection of new campus costs, and the analysis of space and utilization standards. Now, due to the most severe budget crisis in the history of California's State government, and the continuing demand for postsecondary education services, the need for long-range facilities planning has never been more apparent.

To that end, the Commission has agreed to establish a permanent Capital Outlay Planning Advisory Committee that will involve all four of California's systems of higher education and various State regulatory and control agencies in a collaborative effort designed to use scarce resources in the most effective manner. This new committee will review long-range enrollment and space needs projections, analyze capital costs and the approval process for proposed construction, consider alternative funding sources, and serve as an forum for discussing space and utilization standards.

The Commission has also asked that each system of higher education submit to it a 15-year long-range plan every five years beginning in 1994, so that the Commission may submit a total State 15-year plan to the Governor and Legislature every five years beginning in 1995.

Finally, the Commission has revised its guidelines for reviewing proposals for new campuses in order to streamline and clarify the approval process. Although the guidelines were most recently revised only two years ago, growing demand for approval review by the community colleges combined with severe staff reductions at both the Commission and the Department of Finance have made this revision necessary.

In this report, the Commission explains its rationale for these changes and its expectations of their impact. The Commission adopted this report at its meeting of August 24, 1992, on recommendation of its Fiscal Policy and Analysis Committee.

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