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Report 92-30: Proposed Construction of Folsom Lake College in the Los Rios Community College District: A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to a Request from the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1992

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The Los Rios Community College District proposes to construct a new college in the eastern portion of Sacramento County near Folsom Lake. The new institution, to be named Folsom Lake College, would be added to the three existing colleges -- American River, Consumnes River, and Sacramento City Colleges -- in what is today the third largest community college district in California in terms of credit enrollment.

If built, Folsom Lake College will be the first entirely new community college to be opened in California since 1979 and the first among those proposed by the Board of Governors in its 1991 long-range facilities plan. That plan called for the new college to begin as an off-campus center and evolve into a limited-service college by the end of the decade, then to a full-service institution by 2005.

District planning for the college began in the mid-1960s, with the present site being one of three purchased in 1966 to accommodate future growth. In the late 1980s, planning intensified under the leadership of then Chancellor Marjorie K. Blaha, and the result has been an exceptionally well-articulated academic plan for the college that has formed the foundation for and driven the development of the facilities plan.

Because the proposal meets all of the Commission's ten criteria for approval, the Commission offers two recommendations on page 3 of the report:

  1. That Folsom Lake College be approved as the fourth college of the Los Rios Community College District and the one-hundred and eighth college within the California Community College system.
  2. That Folsom Lake College become eligible for State capital outlay funding as of the 1993-94 fiscal year.
The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on December 7, 1992, on recommendation of its Fiscal Policy and Analysis Committee.
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