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Report 92-32: Shifting the Balance: A New Approach to Program Review. Planned Improvements in the Commission's Review of Proposals for New Programs

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1992

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In June 1992 , the staff of the Commission discussed with the Commission's Educational Policy and Programs Committee the need to rethink the way in which the Commission fulfills its responsibility for reviewing proposals from California's public systems of higher education for new degree and certificate programs. After extensive consultation with the Intersegmental Program Review Council, which consists of experts in program planning and evaluation, the staff developed the plan outlined in this report.

The basic changes in the Commission's work as proposed in the report are three: (1) the Commission will focus its review efforts at the beginning of the systems' own review of proposals for new proposals for new programs, rather than waiting until the systems have completed their planning for the programs; (2) the primary concerns of the Commission will shift from issues particular to a specific proposed program to issues regarding the place of the program in the entire spectrum of existing and proposed offerings in higher education in California; and (3) the role of the of the Commission at the end of the planning process will shift from a formal review of the program to verifying that the campus and system have been responsive to the questions raised initially by the Commission and the Intersegmental Program Review Council. Through this process, the Commission staff believes the Commission's review of program proposals will be far more useful in benefiting the systems and ultimately their students.

The plan received enthusiastic endorsement when it was discussed by the Educational Policy and Programs Committee of the Commission at its meeting on December 7, 1992.

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