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Report 93-4: Executive Compensation in California's Public Universities, 1992-93: A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to the 1992 Budget Act

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1993

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The 1992-93 Budget Bill directed the Commission to review and comment on information provided by the California State University and the University of California on "the structure and amount of salary compensation (current and deferred cash benefits)" paid to systemwide and campus-based executives. Both systems submitted reports detailing the total compensation package for their highest ranking effective January 1, 1993.

Highlights of the Commission's review of the State University's report indicate that: (1) In general, central office executives in the California State University earn more than campus presidents in that system. (2) The mean salary for campus presidents in the California State University is $120,534 for the year beginning January 1, 1993. (3) The chancellor and the presidents either live in houses provided by the system or receive housing allowances.

The University of California's report indicates that: (1) The University revised specific features of its executive compensation program in December of 1992, including the phasing out of non-qualified deferred income plans, the elimination of severance pay for spousal associates and of a tax and financial planning program, and the addition of the stipulation that the president and campus chancellors should reside in University-housing if available and, if not, will receive a housing allowance. (2) The mean cash compensation for chancellors in the 1993 year is $163,186 (excluding the San Francisco campus chancellor) and $170,213 for the eight chancellors whose compensation was included in the University's report. When non-qualified deferred income compensation is included, mean compensation rises to $182,243 for the seven reporting general campus chancellors and $189,875 including San Francisco campus chancellor. (3) The president and chancellors will live in an University-owned home or receive a housing allowance.

The Commission recommends that future reports on this topic from the systems (1) delineate the factors that influence the development of compensation packages for specific executives in the systems, (2) provide some detail on the utilization of expense allowances, and (3) describe changes in the policies guiding the development of compensation packages for executives since submission of their last reports.

The Commission adopted this document at its meeting on April 19, 1993 on recommendation of its Fiscal Policy and Analysis Committee.

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