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Report 93-6: The Master Plan, Then and Now: Policies of the 1960-1975 Master Plan for Higher Education in Light of 1993 Realities

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1993

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In this report, the staff of the Commission provides an overview of A Master Plan for Higher Education in California, 1960-1975, and then analyzes six major policy areas with which the plan dealt in light of current policies and practices.

The six policy areas involve mission and function of the State's systems of higher education (pp. 3-4), systemwide and statewide governance and structure (pp. 5-6), student access to higher education (pp. 7-10), student selection and retention (pp. 11-14), faculty supply and demand (pp. 15-18), adult education (p. 19), and costs, fees, and financing (pp. 21-23).

The staff concludes its analysis by observing that "the Commission, with its Ad Hoc Committee on the Financing and Future of California Higher Education, will not draw back from the commitment and conclusions that the Master Plan made, but recommending ways to sustain this commitment is the greatest challenge that the Commission has taken on in its nearly 20-year history" (p. 25).

The Commission discussed this document on April 19, 1993, as part of the report of the Commission's executive director, Warren Halsey Fox.

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