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Report 93-8: Undergraduate Student Charges and Short-Term Financial Aid Policies at California's Public Universities: Recommendations of the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1993

Superseded by Report 93-9. View Full Publication
In Supplemental Report Language to the 1991-92 Budget Act, the Legislature asked the Commission to coordinate an intersegmental review of student fees and financial aid -- including (1) the impact that alternative student fee and financial aid policies would have on General Fund revenues, student access, and financial aid requirements; (2) who should pay what share of the costs of higher education; (3) the relative advantages or disadvantages of raising student tuition compared with maintaining reduced funding for the Master Plan missions of the systems; and (4) "the consequences of all tuition and fee alternatives on the state's historic policies of access, choice, equity, and quality (including breadth of the instructional program, average student time to degree, and total cost of the baccalaureate to the student), with identification of any sub-group most likely to suffer negative consequences as a result."

In this report, the Commission begins to respond to that request. It offers seven recommendations regarding student fee policy and short-term financial aid policy for undergraduates in the State's two public universities and the California Maritime Academy, and it explains how it arrived at those proposals. Since the publication of this report, the Commission has published A New State Policy on Undergraduate Student Charges at California's Public Universities (Report Summary) (Commission Report 93-9). That report, which contains a dozen recommendations along with the principles that underlie them, has superseded this document.

In future reports, the Commission will offer recommendations on these same topics for the California Community Colleges and for graduate and professional-school students, and it will then propose a long-term financial aid policy for all levels and systems of higher education in the State.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on April 19, 1993, on recommendation of its Ad Hoc Committee on the Financing and Future of California Higher Education.

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