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Report 93-14: Fiscal Profiles, 1993: The Third in a Series of Factbooks About the Financing of California Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

July 1993

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This report contains statistical information on the financing of California's public higher education institutions since 1965-66 along with some data on public elementary and secondary education in California. It is the third report in the series, and it follows essentially the same format as the Commission's June 1992 publication, Fiscal Profiles, 1992. It differs from that report in that it updates and presents in a more standardized format statistical tables of constant dollars for undergraduate resident student fee charges and selected revenues sources at the State's three public higher education systems. In addition, it contains a new set of profiles (66-73) that compare higher education finance in California with that in other states and with national averages.

Following an introduction that explains the origins, scope, highlights, and organization of the report, the document is divided into 14 sections.

The Fiscal Policy and Analysis Committee of the Commission discussed a draft of this report at its meeting on June 28, 1993. Because the Legislature approved the State's 1993-94 budget later that month and the Governor signed it on July 1, the staff updated most of the displays in this version of the report in order to include actual fund totals contained in the 1994 Budget Act.

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