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Report 93-19: Commission Activities and Concerns of the Past Decade: A Retrospective of Issues Confronting California Higher Education Between 1983 and 1993

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

September 1993

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In this report, the staff of the California Postsecondary Education Commission reviews seven major higher education issues with which California had to deal during the decade from 1983 to 1993 -- and summarizes the Commission's work on each of those issues.

The seven issue areas involve (1) the missions of the State's systems of higher education, (2) financing the systems, (3) long-range planning, (4) educational equity and diversity, (4) preparation for access to college and success in college, (6) quality in postsecondary education, and (7) educational technology. The staff prepared this document for the Commission's use at its workshop on September 12, 1993, entitled "Transformation from an Era of Desirability to a Decade of Necessity." At the workshop, following discussion of the past decade, the Commission turned first to a consideration of the State's current straitened circumstances and how they differ from those of the 1980s and finally to consideration of the likely impact that these new circumstances will have on higher education and on the work of the Commission into the next century.

Warren Halsey Fox, the executive director of the Commission, summarized the theme of the workshop in these words: "The Commission needs to strengthen its own capacity and assist the systems and State policy-makers to make decisions that reflect State needs -- rather than desires -- with a recognition that, at least in the short run, higher education may well be unable to be `all things to all people.'" This report summarizes how the Commission sought to serve that function for California during the more affluent era of the past decade.

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