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Report 94-1: Legislative and State Budget Priorities of the Commission, 1994: A Report of the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

January 1994

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This is the seventh annual statement of the Commission's priorities to guide its staff in working with the Governor and the Legislature in the development of legislation and the State budget affecting higher education.

This year, the Commission's primary priority "will be to collaborate with the postsecondary education community in emphasizing the importance of providing adequate funding to maintain existing enrollments."

More specifically, the Commission directs its staff to "work closely with representatives from postsecondary education, the Governor's Office, the Legislature, and student organizations to develop strategies for accommodating future demand for education beyond high school -- including the development of explicit plans for fully utilizing the capacity of public colleges and universities, independent institutions, and proprietary degree-granting and vocational institutions operating within the State -- and for obtaining the resources needed to implement such strategies."

To achieve these results and accomplish other urgent tasks, the Commission identifies five specific priorities during the 1994 legislative session: "(1) reconsidering the State's long-term student fee policy; (2) establishing long-term student financial aid policy; (3) providing adequate resources for desired enrollment levels; (4) monitoring institutional performance and student achievement; and (5) implementing recent changes to the federal government's financial aid programs."

Finally, the Commission directs its staff to advise it about how it can encourage the work of the State's new Constitution Revision Commission in examining possible reforms in the State's existing tax and expenditure structures to permit maintenance of the principles outlined in the State's Master Plan for Higher Education -- student access to, quality in, and choice among California's colleges and universities.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on February 7, 1994, on recommendation of its Governmental Relations Committee.

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