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Report 94-20: Student Profiles, 1994: The Latest in a Series of Annual Factbooks About Student Participation in California Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1994

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This edition of Student Profiles seeks to provide comprehensive information about students in postsecondary education in California. It contains information on first-time freshmen and transfer students that used to appear in other Commission reports as well as many new facts from the Commission's computerized integrated student data system. Unlike most Commission reports, it contains little textual comment and analysis about the data. Instead, the Commission encourages readers to use it as the basis for their own analysis.

Student Profiles is divided into these six sections:

  1. All Students, which provides information about all of California's college and university students in order to provide a context for later sections and an overview of how California's student body has changed over the last decade.
  2. Has been eliminated.
  3. First-Time Freshmen and New Students, reporting information regarding recent high school graduates, the origin of new first-time freshmen, average age of these freshmen and their sex and ethnic distribution.
  4. Transfer Students, offering information on community college transfers to the State's universities as well as transfer students from the other segments.
  5. Student Outcomes, reporting the number of degrees awarded by California's colleges and universities and which eventually will report graduation rate, student attrition, and persistence information.
  6. Area Specific Student Data, providing information on high school graduates and college-going rates by county, and community college transfer students by community college.

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