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Report 95-2: The WICHE Compact: An Assessment of California's Continued Membership in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

February 1995

Supersedes Report 94-3. View Full Publication
This past April, the commission issued its report, A Western Compact, wherein it recommended that the State of California terminate its membership in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education(WICHE) unless California's three Commissioners to WICHE agreed by January 1, 1995, that substantial progress has been made in redefining California's participation in the interstate compact.

This report indicates that California's Commissioners have agreed that enough progress has been made so that the California Postsecondary Education Commission should recommend California's continued membership in the compact. As a consequence, in this report the Commission makes the following proposals:

Recommendation 1: Continued membership in WICHE

California should remain a full member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and continue dialogue with WICHE leaders and staff to assure that current efforts to redefine how California participates in WICHE continue.

Recommendation 2: Periodically reassess membership

Because of the value derived from periodically assessing the costs and benefits from existing collaborative relationships, California should review its membership and participation in WICHE at least every five years.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on February 6, 1995, on recommendation of its Educational Policy and Programs Committee.

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