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Report 95-3: The Challenge of the Century: Planning for Record Student Enrollment and Improved Outcomes in California Postsecondary Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1995

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Approaching the twenty-first century and the certainty of an unprecedented increase of 455,000 additional --and increasingly diverse -- Californians who will seek a college education, the Postsecondary Education Commission has examined California's ability to accommodate this "Tidal Wave II" of students, while also adhering to the principles of the State's Master Plan for Higher Education. Coming after more that two years of work, this document provides a framework for thinking anew about strategies for providing postsecondary education and training opportunities most effectively and efficiently to these increasing numbers of students; in short, how to answer "The Challenge of the Century."

In this report, the Commission cites the withering forces--voter-approved initiatives, growing expenditure requirements driven by constitutional or caseload requirements, and a weakened State economy--that threaten the State's continued ability to provide broad access to quality higher education for all who prepare themselves to benefit from beyond high school. As a result, the Commission concludes, not only is the state's economic well being at risk but so too is it very social fabric.

The Commission provides recommendations and strategies involving higher education institutions that focus on the long-term needs of California, and details how the state must: (1) revise government finances to preserve educational opportunity; (2) create equitable state policies on student fees and financial aid; (3) encourage greater educational productivity and efficiency; (4) and improve statewide and regional cooperation and collaboration among postsecondary education institutions.

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