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Report 95-5: Legislative and State Budget Priorities of the Commission, 1995: A Report of the California Postsecondary Education Commission

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 1995

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This is the Commission guide to staff in working with the Governor and the Legislature in development of legislation and the State budget affecting higher education during 1995-96 legislative session. It is the eighth successive document in which the Commission sets forth its annual agenda of legislative and budget priorities in response to the critical issues facing postsecondary education.

In guiding staff this year, the Commission has sponsored three legislative proposals: (1) changing the Education Code in order to better define the Commission's roles and responsibilities, and to provide the Commission with limited flexibility to adjust its workload as resources dictate; (2) a separate legislative vehicle to enhance the Commission's existing information system by funding its ability to undertake longitudinal of student progress through the entire educational system; and (3) authorization of the Commission as the State Postsecondary Review Entity (SPRE), including the legal ability to promulgate regulations for the purpose of complying with the Federal Higher Education Act Amendments of 1992

Additionally, the Commission identifies four other priorities for the year: (1) preserving educational; opportunity through adequate and stable funding; (2) creation of equitable State policies for student fees and financial aid; (3) increasing educational productivity and efficiency; an (4) improving regional and statewide cooperation and collaboration.

Staff is directed to represent the Commission's legislative and budget priorities articulately and aggressively in the vigorous debate of the these issues that will include legislators and their staff, the Governor's office, and representatives of the postsecondary education community. Staff will also prepare to advise Constitution Revision Commission as it formulates recommendations for changes in the state budgetary and policy making process.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on April 4, 1995, on recommendation of its Governmental Relations Committee.

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