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Report 96-6: Moving Forward: A Preliminary Discussion of Technology and Transformation in California Higher Education

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

June 1996

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Beginning in 1996, the California Postsecondary Education Commission is undertaking a two-year project to develop recommendations for the use of technology in higher education. This current work is based upon various legislative mandates and many of the conclusions and recommendations contained in two prior major Commission reports completed in 1995: The Challenge of the Century: Planning for Enrollment and Improved Outcomes in California Higher Education, (Full Report | Report Summary) and A Capacity for Growth: Enrollments, Resources, and Facilities for California Higher Education, 1993-94 to 2005-06 (Report Summary).

This report, which was presented to the Commission at its meeting in April, 1996, marks the initial phase of the Commission's new work on technology and higher education. In it, staff has outlined the context in which present educational technology initiatives are being initiated. The report also discusses the potential "transformation" of higher education's operation with respect to technology, and examines some of the claims that technology may produce large future cost savings in higher education.

Encompassed here are a number of major national and regional initiatives that have recently been put forward to create a "virtual university," and to establish larger networks and collaborations utilizing technology among and between higher education entities in western states. Also discussed are numerous California initiatives and recent legislative activities concerning technology in higher education. Later in 1996, staff will present the second part of this report series that will provide an overview of the segmental activities in the area of technology. In 1997, following comprehensive consultation with all interested parties, the expects to put forward final recommendations on technology in California higher education.

The Commission adopted this report on June 3, 1996.

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