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Report 96-9: Project ASSIST (Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer): Staff Comments on the Final Evaluation Report Prepared by the Carrera Consulting Group

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1996

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In fall 1995, California Community Colleges Chancellor David Mertes and Joe Dolphin, then-chair of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, requested that the California Postsecondary Education Commission conduct an evaluation of Project ASSIST (Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Transfer). In December 1995, the Carrera Consulting Group was retained by the Commission to conduct the evaluation of Project ASSIST. The Carrera Consulting Group, with Stan Anderson serving as the principle consultant, has completed and submitted the final report of its evaluation of Project ASSIST.

This item contains the final Project ASSIST report, which is included in the appendix, and incorporates staff comments covering selected findings and recommendations from the evaluation. It also summarizes actions taken by the ASSIST Board of Directors in response to the evaluation. Staff comments highlight the potential for Project ASSIST to be developed as an official repository of articulation information serving all colleges and community college students in the state.

The Commission received this report at its meeting on December 16, 1996.

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