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Report 96-10: Performance Indicators of California Higher Education, 1996: The Third Annual Report to California's Governor, Legislature, and Citizens in Response to Assembly Bill 1808 (Chapter 741, Statutes of 1991)

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

December 1996

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This report is the third annual report on performance indicators for California higher education prepared by California Postsecondary Education Commission pursuant to Assembly Bill 1808 (Hayden, Chapter 741 of the Statutes of 1991). The report presents background on the development of California's performance indicators for higher education, describes the scope of the current set of indicators reported by the Commission including highlights of recent trends based on current information, delineates some recent developments, as well as future plans, related to these indicators and includes the full set of 75 performance indicators.

The higher education performance indicators are divided into five categories: Characteristics of California's Population, Fiscal Support, Student Preparation for College, Student Access to College, and Student Experiences and Outcomes.

The Commission adopted this report at its meeting on December 16, 1996, on recommendation of its Educational Policy and Programs Committee.

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