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Report 97-1: Coming of [Information] Age in California Higher Education: A Survey of Technology Initiatives and Policy Issues

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

February 1997

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This report is the second in a series on technology in higher education. It follows up on the conclusions and recommendations of the California Postsecondary Education Commission's two long-range planning reports, The Challenge of the Century (Full Report | Report Summary) and A Capacity for Growth (Report Summary). These 1995 reports projected a major increase in enrollment demand for California's higher education institutions in the context of continuing resource restrictions facing those colleges and universities. The use of technology was one of the primary options mentioned in these reports as a possible way to help address the challenges ahead for postsecondary education in California.

The initial report in this series on technology in postsecondary education, Moving Forward, was published in 1996 and discussed the issue of reformed practice brought on by technological innovation. It also surveyed various national and State initiatives like the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative and the Western Governors' proposed "virtual university." Finally, it reviewed recent activities of the California Legislature related to this topic, and some of the innovations presently underway at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Continuing the Commission's focus on higher education technology, this report provides an overview of the various initiatives at the three public systems of higher education, a discussion of technology and pedagogy, and a list of challenges and problems that will be addressed by the Commission in the future. It also contains background information on the Internet and on general terms employed in technology discussions.

The Commission approved this report at its meeting on February 10, 1997, on recommendation of its Educational Policy and Programs Committee.

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