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Report 00-1: Providing for Progress: California Higher Education Enrollment Demand and Resources into the 21st Century

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

February 2000

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This report contains 12-year enrollment demand projections for California's three public higher education systems, an analysis of campus physical capacity and projected capital outlay costs, and a discussion of economic trends and California's ability to sell bonds to finance future higher education construction. The report is a major update to the Commission's 1995 report, A Capacity for Growth, and contains numerous findings and conclusions. Among them:
  • Some 714,753 more students will seek to enroll at a California college or university by 2010;
  • That student body will be the most diverse in State history;
  • California public higher education has some current excess capacity but must have considerably more in order to accommodate all who would desire to enroll;
  • The State will need to spend some $1.5 billion per year for at least the next 10 to 12 years to maintain existing higher education facilities and to provide for the expected enroll demand increases;
  • California's economy has produced multi-billion dollar budget surpluses in recent years and can expect more; and
  • Given expanded General Fund projections and a modest expansion of debt service levels, California could afford annual sales of some $4.5 billion in general obligation bonds.
The Commission approved this report at its meeting of February 6, 2000
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