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Report 00-3: Policy for Progress: Reaffirming California Higher Education Accessibilility, Affordability, and Accountability into the 21st Century

Published by The California Postsecondary Education Commission

April 2000

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The purpose of this report is to provide policy recommendations to help guide elected officials, educational leaders, and State oversight and coordinating agencies in addressing important higher education issues -- like burgeoning higher education enrollment demand -- into the 21st Century.

In this report and its related companion document, Providing for Progress: California Higher Education Enrollment Demand and Resources into the 21st Century (CPEC Report 00-1), the Commission has assessed the complex issues related to the prospect of California's public colleges and universities, as well as those independent institutions located in the state, needing to accommodate in excess of 715,000 more students by the end of the decade.

To help meet that challenge, there are more than 40 specific recommendations in this report for the Administration, Legislature, administrators, and public agencies. Each is discussed in the context of improving higher education accessibility to a growing and increasingly diverse student body, helping improve the affordability of education beyond high school, and improving the accountability of institutions in meeting their respective educational goals.

The Commission approved this report at its meeting of April 3, 2000.

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