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Facilities Review


The California Postsecondary Education Commission's facilities review responsibilities were legislatively directed by the Assembly Bill 770 (1973), which created the Commission. AB 770 established the Commission's role as an integral part of planning and facilities growth by granting approval authority for all new campuses and off-campus centers of the public systems of higher education. New facilities may not qualify to receive state capital funding without Commission approval. In 1975, the Commission adopted facilities review criteria. The process has evolved to ensure that campuses and centers are developed in accordance with statewide needs and that state capital funds are wisely allocated to regions with the most pressing capacity needs.

Facilities Review Process

In an effort to oversee the facilities projects at earlier stages of development, the Commission refined the review process in 2002. When a segment enters a discussion to develop a facility, they are required to submit a Preliminary Notice to the Commission, detailing their intent. The Commission is able to participate in the planning process and offer constructive input before significant time and resources are spent. The system must submit a Letter of Intent providing an overview of expansion plans, geographical information, and budgetary information. The third stage is staff review of a Needs Study. The Needs Study should address all Commission review criteria including enrollment projections, a detailed budget, and an Environmental Impact Report (View all criteria to be addressed in Needs Study here). Commission staff complete their analysis of the Needs Study and conduct a site visit, then recommend approval or non-approval The Commission votes on adoption of the staff recommendation.

Projects Subject to Commission Review

The public systems of higher education must submit proposals and obtain Commission approval prior to moving forward with the following projects:
  • Establishing a new university or community college campus
  • Converting an educational center to a university or community college campus
  • Establishing a university or community college educational center
  • Converting an off-campus operation to an educational center
  • Establishing a joint-use educational center

Required Contents For Preliminary Notice, Letter Of Intent, And Needs Study

Specific materials required for review may vary by facility type. All facilities reviews follow the procedure of Preliminary Notice, Letter of Intent, and Needs Study.

The links below describe the materials needed for each type of facilities proposal.

Commission Reports on Facilities Review