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Program Review

Programs Requiring Commission Review

Community Colleges:
  • The program is the first of its type to be offered by a community college.
  • The program involves intersystem collaboration.
  • The program requires new facilities, major renovation to existing facilities, or an expenditure of more than $1.0 million in state funds for equipment.
  • The program requires joint-use facilities.
  • The program involves more than one district, or is likely to impact enrollment levels of neighboring districts.
California State University and University of California:
  • Undergraduate programs for the 4-year institutions are not required to undergo review unless the campus is seeking funding for the program that is higher than the regular marginal cost funding levels.
  • Master's programs in the following disciplines are subject to review: Agriculture, Architecture, Biological sciences, Business/Management, Education, Engineering, Health professions, Information science/Informatics, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics, Physical science, Professional studies, Psychology
  • Masters programs in the field of Humanities are not subject to formal review
  • All Doctoral programs, offered both jointly or by individual systems or campuses, are subject to review
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