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School Code Download Filter

File:  CDS / School Codes File (File Size: Up to Approximately 8.6 mb)
 Cross-Walk File (File Size: Up to Approximately 3.1 mb)
 CDS / School Codes File and Cross-Walk File Combined (File Size: Approximately 10.6 mb)
Format:  Comma Delimited
 Tab Delimited
 Semicolon Delimited
 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
School Status:  All Schools
 Open or Pending
 Closed or Retired
School Type:  All Schools
 Out of State, Foreign or Unknown
School Level:  All Schools
 Elementary or Intermediate Schools
 High Schools
 Colleges or Universities
  If you select both a region and a county, the region will be used.

For more information about the downloaded data file, please refer to Working with Downloaded Data.

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