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How is the determination made for the transferability of a community college course and its applicability to degree programs at the UC and CSU?

Course transferability depends on the institutions and any articulation agreements that may be in place between the two institutions. An articulation agreement is an official agreement whereby one college or university agrees to accept specific courses or groups of courses from another college or university as satisfying specific course-taking requirements in substitute of its own courses.

"Articulation" in this context is when CSU and UC faculty agree to accept sets of community college courses as having the focus, content and rigor necessary to meet course requirements at the baccalaureate institutions. Formal course articulation agreements generally fall within one of three areas:

  • General education breadth agreements, such as those represented by IGETC
  • Transferable course agreements, such as those approved by the State University in various systemwide degrees
  • Course-by-course agreements, which are generally used to build articulation of lower-division coursework required for a particular major.

You can get more information on transferability of community college courses and their applicability to CSU and UC degree programs through ASSIST (Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer) This service displays reports of how course credits earned at one California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California's colleges and universities and provides the most accurate information available about student transfer in California.

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If a student attends two or more community colleges, then transfers to UC or CSU, which community college is considered the source institution?

Generally speaking, when there are multiple community colleges, the community college where the student earned the most transferable units is considered the student's source institution.

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