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California Postsecondary Education Data Home Page

Workforce and Fiscal Data


Reports Dealing with Fees, Funding, Workforce, and the Economy

“Whenever possible, keep it simple.”
      – Chinese fortune cookie

Find information on a wide variety of subjects. First explore the interactions between workforce and higher education. What STEPS do you need to take to obtain a degree leading to the occupation of your dreams? How much will that job pay and will it be in demand? Then you can review higher education fees and funding. Finally, compare county data and even nationwide data.

  • School To Employment Pathways System (STEPS): Match degrees and courses of study to occupations and see the number of degrees produced and the projected job market.
  • Postsecondary Education Value: See how one's educational attainment translates into income and the ability to get and maintain a job.
  • Workforce: Find the highest paying occupations associated with a particular degree level and jobs with the greatest projected growth.
  • Fiscal Snapshots: Quick glance at higher education funding and fees data.
  • Fees / Funding: Graphs showing how postsecondary education funding and fees have changed over time.
  • California County Comparison: See how California counties compare with each other on educational attainment, income, unemployment and other population and economic data.
  • 50 State Comparison: See how California compares with the nation regarding appropriations, scholarships, faculty salaries, and other population and economic data.