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Quick Data

Concise Reports from the Commission's Data

“I have one penny in my left hand and two pennies in my right hand.”
“Does the one penny represent 50% of the money of the right hand or one-third of the total?”
“Do the two pennies represent 66% of the total or twice the money of the left hand?”
“Do the three pennies represent three times the money in my left hand
or 150% of the money in my right hand?”
      – What is your statistical point of view?

These pages provide many quick snapshots of higher education in California. Did you know that California has 473 degree-granting institutions with over 2.5 million students, far exceeding any other state? Find additional information about higher education in California including college-going, county data, diversity, crime data, and 50 state comparisons. Finally, create your own custom mailing list of colleges quickly and easily.

  • College-Going Rates and Student Migration: Look at college-going rates for counties, legislative districts, and other groupings for schools. Also, see where California high school students have migrated to attend college and where students at California colleges graduated from high school.
  • Graduation Rates: A table showing the 4-year, 5-year, and 6-year graduation rates for many 4-year colleges and universities.
  • Regional Data: A map of California showing the regions used by the Commission for planning and analysis with links to pages containing detail about the region and the counties.
  • Diversity, Distribution, and Crime Statistics: Quick comparisons of various statistics regarding postsecondary education, preparation for college, and crime statistics.
  • Student Snapshots: Quick glance at higher education statistics.
  • Ethnicity Snapshots: A series of charts showing the percentage of students of an ethnicity as compared to the total for various public higher education, public K-12, and population statistics.
  • 50 State Comparison - Postsecondary Education Data: See how California compares with the nation regarding postsecondary enrollment, faculty-to-student ratios, costs, and other measures.
  • California Colleges Mailing List: Download the current mailing list of open California colleges and universities. Many options are available including the name of the CEO, latitude and longitude, and, of course, the standard address fields. File last updated: 7/20/2011