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Search Tips

  • One option at a time. When multiple options are available, change one at a time and see how it affects the results.
  • Try a different term. The exact word you entered may not have been used. Enter another term with the same or similar meaning. (Use "disability" instead of "deaf".)
  • Use part of a word. Enter only a part of the word (use "educat" instead of "education" or "educate").
  • Try a different form of the same word. Change from singular to plural or from plural to singular (use "men" instead of "man"). Add "-ing", "-ed", or "-tion" to verbs (use evaluation instead of evaluate).
  • Check your spelling. The search compares exactly what you entered to the items available. Only exact matches will be found.
  • The search is also configured to use the following advanced features:

    Boolean Expressions:   Use AND or OR between word or phrases.
    Use NOT to exclude a word from the search.
    Phrases:   Use double quotes to define a search phrase.
    Search Symbols:    +  Include filter, results must contain this word or phrase.
     -  Exclude filter, results must not contain this word or phrase.
     &  Logical AND.
     |  Logical OR.
     !  Logical NOT.

Other Hints

  • Use spaces to separate criteria from logical symbols (&, |, and !). Otherwise, symbols will be treated as part of the word or phrase.
  • To use the Include Filter (+) or the Exclude Filter (-), put a space before the filter but not after.
  • Single quotes and apostrophes will be included in any search string.