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College-Going Rate Trends by Congressional District

College-Going Rates of Public High School Students

Men of All Ethnicities to Any California Public College or University

This chart provides college-going rates in California from 1990 to 2009 . College-going rates were calculated by dividing the number of entering students from high schools matching a specific criteria by the total number of graduates from high schools matching the same criteria. All categories of public schools are covered including comprehensive schools, continuation schools, and other categories of schools. Students with unknown genders and ethnicities and those from unknown schools were excluded from the data.

Data regarding high school graduates were obtained from the California Department of Education. Data for higher education enrollment were obtained from each of the segments and includes all students -- full-time, part-time, credit, and non-credit.

Note that the calculation of these rates is based on totals for each category such as year, county, and ethnicity. Rates do not entail longitudinal tracking of individual students.

Ethnicity data is collected separately by K-12 schools and higher education institutions. Consequently, college-going rates may be affected by variations in reporting of ethnicity.

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Important note: The data for first-time students have changed. See Changes to First-Time Freshmen and College-Going Data for more details.

Data collection for Fall 2009 is in progress. As a result, more recent data than what is displayed may be available for some systems. Visit the Custom Data Reports for the most up-to-date data. Select the year needed from the drop-down list at the top of the options. Visit the Dates Available for availability for each type of data. The Sources and Timing of Data page has an approximate schedule for each type of data the Commission collects.

Congressional District 19901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009
1 - Mike Thompson39%45%42%43%44%44%45%41%40%41%38%42%40%34%37%40%44%43%44%34%
2 - Wally Herger25%39%38%36%36%37%37%36%37%38%36%42%46%29%34%31%28%39%43%43%
3 - Daniel E. Lungren50%48%48%51%48%49%54%50%50%51%49%50%42%46%46%48%50%57%57%48%
4 - Tom McClintock45%44%42%44%45%45%50%42%44%42%41%43%41%42%39%40%27%50%47%26%
5 - Doris O. Matsui50%45%46%55%54%54%58%53%49%49%49%53%38%42%45%48%55%58%61%50%
6 - Lynn C. Woolsey44%55%55%53%50%55%52%52%52%49%50%54%53%50%53%54%55%56%61%44%
7 - George Miller43%48%49%44%40%44%43%42%37%23%31%33%34%33%36%30%33%39%30%19%
8 - Nancy Pelosi49%45%56%56%57%60%56%61%51%52%55%54%49%54%60%63%71%72%78%77%
9 - Barbara Lee45%47%56%53%55%57%54%54%53%55%54%62%62%61%63%60%65%60%40%40%
10 - John Garamendi54%56%54%49%48%51%50%49%48%26%32%42%45%44%43%40%39%49%39%30%
11 - Jerry McNerney53%57%57%55%50%52%52%46%43%41%43%45%43%45%42%41%45%48%47%46%
12 - Jackie Speier40%58%58%61%58%63%56%57%55%54%55%56%58%54%51%57%60%58%57%65%
13 - Fortney Pete Stark58%57%56%56%53%53%52%54%53%53%52%56%62%55%63%62%64%63%57%49%
14 - Anna G. Eshoo71%54%53%51%52%55%49%47%49%38%51%45%45%45%51%50%53%53%43%46%
15 - Michael M. Honda56%60%59%62%61%63%63%52%58%58%57%45%46%44%50%50%55%54%35%45%
16 - Zoe Lofgren53%56%54%51%53%53%46%45%44%31%51%44%43%36%46%34%40%38%26%36%
17 - Sam Farr48%47%46%46%46%52%52%49%49%46%33%40%45%47%49%44%40%33%27%25%
18 - Dennis A. Cardoza38%40%42%38%44%44%46%44%38%37%43%41%31%30%22%34%36%35%37%48%
19 - Jeff Denham41%44%50%48%49%48%47%46%27%28%41%31%29%27%25%22%23%18%22%26%
20 - Jim Costa41%38%39%39%40%42%40%40%26%28%41%29%33%24%26%25%25%26%36%21%
21 - Devin Nunes43%46%48%45%46%50%49%51%32%34%42%36%36%33%32%30%33%19%43%17%
22 - Kevin McCarthy48%40%40%39%39%36%37%35%36%38%41%40%45%38%40%42%47%47%46%33%
23 - Lois Capps46%49%40%50%49%53%57%55%58%52%54%59%61%61%57%58%61%60%62%56%
24 - Elton Gallegly41%45%26%50%49%51%50%49%51%33%49%53%55%52%55%59%62%62%64%60%
25 - Buck McKeon48%39%38%35%35%42%44%35%38%37%35%38%43%34%36%40%38%44%28%18%
26 - David Dreier49%47%46%45%44%50%49%46%46%46%48%51%52%52%54%51%55%50%44%44%
27 - Brad Sherman61%61%55%49%50%54%49%46%44%44%46%45%51%49%49%54%58%62%57%53%
28 - Howard L. Berman47%53%44%42%44%45%44%40%42%43%41%41%43%41%37%45%53%55%55%53%
29 - Adam B. Schiff55%56%54%55%51%57%54%53%54%53%58%57%54%57%59%59%67%67%68%60%
30 - Henry A. Waxman63%62%57%54%57%59%58%56%51%51%54%56%62%57%59%60%60%67%63%67%
31 - Xavier Becerra56%51%52%54%44%49%44%50%48%40%44%51%50%42%45%42%45%53%50%47%
32 - Judy Chu39%39%39%38%37%43%45%41%39%39%46%48%49%47%47%48%51%44%46%38%
33 - Karen Bass58%55%48%46%49%52%52%54%52%49%52%52%51%48%51%58%60%67%63%58%
34 - Lucille Roybal-Allard41%40%38%36%32%36%35%31%31%30%30%31%35%32%33%36%40%40%42%32%
35 - Maxine Waters49%54%47%42%51%49%52%47%47%44%39%40%43%39%42%42%54%40%61%40%
36 -  Vacant District 3642%59%55%56%56%55%56%54%54%50%45%51%49%46%47%45%53%45%65%41%
37 - Laura Richardson41%51%41%45%41%47%49%38%39%38%32%31%38%27%32%35%42%48%60%50%
38 - Grace F. Napolitano40%40%40%37%38%41%43%39%38%37%37%42%43%41%42%46%49%52%53%41%
39 - Linda T. Sánchez42%43%42%45%43%46%44%44%34%38%33%40%42%36%36%42%43%48%48%42%
40 - Edward R. Royce55%55%47%57%48%48%53%61%44%55%47%59%59%51%56%52%57%71%61%46%
41 - Jerry Lewis43%41%21%37%37%21%24%24%29%34%31%36%39%37%30%28%34%24%24%18%
42 - Gary G. Miller44%47%46%48%45%50%49%53%45%47%48%52%53%53%56%55%59%59%59%50%
43 - Joe Baca34%32%25%30%31%25%26%24%27%27%31%35%34%33%35%32%32%31%26%26%
44 - Ken Calvert40%42%34%23%36%37%36%34%21%35%26%30%37%36%37%39%43%42%50%38%
45 - Mary Bono Mack42%37%33%28%17%20%29%28%23%33%27%29%35%26%27%24%33%33%41%34%
46 - Dana Rohrabacher55%57%56%53%56%57%54%48%50%50%49%48%61%55%59%59%59%63%57%51%
47 - Loretta Sanchez52%56%52%51%52%59%63%65%65%62%62%56%47%44%49%45%48%53%51%32%
48 - John Campbell56%59%58%57%54%53%35%60%58%60%52%53%51%53%55%61%61%61%59%55%
49 - Darrell E. Issa38%40%34%37%34%38%36%37%36%24%24%26%25%23%28%27%37%42%41%39%
50 - Brian P. Bilbray53%48%55%49%50%56%53%48%47%36%35%39%42%42%45%45%54%59%59%54%
51 - Bob Filner37%32%47%49%43%53%45%48%47%49%46%51%57%31%63%29%32%63%59%20%
52 - Duncan Hunter52%52%54%53%53%59%62%54%54%45%47%47%48%47%48%49%55%56%41%35%
53 - Susan Davis41%35%50%37%40%44%41%41%39%41%39%38%40%32%43%37%37%49%48%38%

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