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Community College Transfers: Black as a Percent of Total, 1996-2010

This report shows Black students who transferred as a percentage of the total by gender for 1996-2010.

Community College Transfers rates were calculated by dividing the number of Black students who transferred by the total number of students who transferred to California State University for academic years 1996-2010, the most recent years available. The total used for the denominator includes students with unknown genders and ethnicities. Data were obtained from the California State University.

Note that the calculation of these rates is based on totals for each category such as gender and ethnicity. Rates do not entail longitudinal tracking.

Slight variations between the sum and men and women in the graph and the total line are due to rounding.

Data collection for Fall 2009 is in progress. As a result, more recent data than what is displayed may be available for some systems. Visit the Custom Data Reports for the most up-to-date data. Select the year needed from the drop-down list at the top of the options. Visit the Dates Available for availability for each type of data. The Sources and Timing of Data page has an approximate schedule for each type of data the Commission collects.

Community College Transfers
Black as a Percent of Total, 1996-2010
Year Total Men Women Ethnicity Total
Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
1996 42,812 1,1032.58%1,6493.85%2,7526.43%
1997 39,704 9002.27%1,4433.63%2,3435.90%
1998 38,136 7872.06%1,1392.99%1,9265.05%
1999 39,369 7721.96%1,2233.11%1,9955.07%
2000 38,682 7491.94%1,2623.26%2,0115.20%
2001 41,516 7791.88%1,3613.28%2,1405.15%
2002 42,016 7951.89%1,3703.26%2,1655.15%
2003 40,743 7721.89%1,3113.22%2,0835.11%
2004 42,713 8652.03%1,4113.30%2,2765.33%
2005 43,096 9302.16%1,5893.69%2,5195.85%
2006 44,651 9642.16%1,6393.67%2,6035.83%
2007 45,820 1,0142.21%1,6343.57%2,6485.78%
2008 40,844 8992.20%1,5153.71%2,4145.91%
2009 42,539 8361.97%1,3773.24%2,2135.20%
2010 44,319 7291.64%1,0592.39%1,7884.03%

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