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Migration of Students

Institutions in Rhode Island

The data presented below are collected by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for 1994. The "State or Territory" column indicates the location of the college or university. The "Students" included are first-time, degree- or certificate-seeking undergraduates enrolled in academic or occupational programs. The student's state of residence is determined by a driver's license and/or voter registration. It may indicate the legal residence of a parent or guardian.

NOTE: Submission of the data used below is mandatory during even years and voluntary for odd years. Therefore, the data for even years will be the most complete. The latest data is shown below. Links to data from previous years are located at the bottom of the table.

Click on the name of a college or university to see the state or territory of residence for all of the students at that college or university.

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Institution Name, City Students from
Students from
Other States and Territories
Total Students Percent of Students
from California
Brown University, Providence 138 1,254 1,392 9.91%
Bryant University, Smithfield 4 560 564 0.71%
Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick 2 2,600 2,602 0.08%
Johnson & Wales University, Providence 49 1,888 1,937 2.53%
New England Institute of Technology, Warwick 0 892 892 0.00%
Providence College, Providence 7 861 868 0.81%
Rhode Island College, Providence 0 948 948 0.00%
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence 26 349 375 6.93%
Roger Williams University, Bristol 1 682 683 0.15%
Salve Regina University, Newport 2 386 388 0.52%
University of Rhode Island, Kingston 3 1,993 1,996 0.15%
Total 232 12,413 12,645 1.83%

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