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Total Enrollment: Unknown Ethnicity

This table shows the TOTAL Fall enrollment at California Colleges and Universities over the last five years. Total enrollment includes both undergraduate and graduate students.

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System 20062007200820092010
University of California 13,287 12,706 12,190 11,452 NA
California State University 39,352 42,472 40,542 36,556 38,201
California Community Colleges 121,984 137,047 164,046 302,359 133,092
CCC District Office 14,272 13,155 11,496 15,345 11,870
Other Public Colleges and Universities 975 940 776 NA NA
WASC-Accredited Non-public 4-Year Institutions 31,075 33,841 31,157 NA NA
WASC-Accredited Non-public 2-Year Institutions 4,206 1,880 4,145 NA NA
State-Approved Institutions 13,065 13,479 14,422 NA NA
Institutions Exempt from State Approval 431 471 525 NA NA
Closed and Other Institutions 301 238 266 NA NA
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