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Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County Stats
County stats at a glance
Population: 270,158 (2009)
Median Household income: $60,816 (2009)
Population in Poverty: 13.9% (2009)
Unemployment Rate: 11.3% (2009)

Educational Attainment (2009)
High school graduates: 84.7%
Baccalaureate recipients: 38.4%
Advanced degree recipients: 14.4%

Projected County Growth 1970 - 2050:

California Department of Finance
US Census Bureau

College-going rate 2009
High School Graduates: 2,565
UC Freshmen: 157
CSU Freshmen: 249
CCC Freshmen: 128
Public College Freshmen: 534

 UC:    6.1%
 CSU:  9.7%
 CCC:  5.0%
 Vertical line is state average
Overall College-going rate to publics: 20.8%

Colleges in Santa Cruz County: 3

 UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

 Cabrillo College
Aptos, CA 95003

 Five Branches Inst
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Comprehensive Public High Schools in Santa Cruz County: 12
 Watsonville High, Watsonville
HS Grads: 419, First-time Frosh: 90
 Pajaro Valley High, Watsonville
HS Grads: 335, First-time Frosh: 89
 Aptos High, Aptos
HS Grads: 289, First-time Frosh: 76
 Santa Cruz High, Santa Cruz
HS Grads: 242, First-time Frosh: 65
 Soquel High, Soquel
HS Grads: 210, First-time Frosh: 59
 Harbor High, Santa Cruz
HS Grads: 207, First-time Frosh: 52
 San Lorenzo Valley High, Felton
HS Grads: 205, First-time Frosh: 52
 Scotts Valley High, Scotts Valley
HS Grads: 191, First-time Frosh: 78
 Pacific Coast Charter, Watsonville
HS Grads: 67, First-time Frosh: 4
 Pacific Collegiate Charter, Santa Cruz
HS Grads: 55, First-time Frosh: 13
 Ocean Grove Charter, Placerville
HS Grads: 24, First-time Frosh: 1
 Cypress Charter High, Santa Cruz
HS Grads: 21, First-time Frosh: 2