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Solano County

Solano County Stats
County stats at a glance
Population: 450,194 (2009)
Median Household income: $65,079 (2009)
Population in Poverty: 10.7% (2009)
Unemployment Rate: 10.9% (2009)

Educational Attainment (2009)
High school graduates: 85.9%
Baccalaureate recipients: 24.2%
Advanced degree recipients: 6.9%

Projected County Growth 1970 - 2050:

California Department of Finance
US Census Bureau

College-going rate 2009
High School Graduates: 4,210
UC Freshmen: 260
CSU Freshmen: 375
CCC Freshmen: 202
Public College Freshmen: 837

 UC:    6.2%
 CSU:  8.9%
 CCC:  4.8%
 Vertical line is state average
Overall College-going rate to publics: 19.9%

Colleges in Solano County: 3

 CSU Maritime Academy
Vallejo, CA 94590

 Solano College
Fairfield, CA 94534

 Touro University
Vallejo, CA 94592

Comprehensive Public High Schools in Solano County: 13
 Angelo Rodriguez High, Fairfield
HS Grads: 506, First-time Frosh: 113
 Vacaville High, Vacaville
HS Grads: 451, First-time Frosh: 226
 Armijo High, Fairfield
HS Grads: 438, First-time Frosh: 232
 Will C. Wood High, Vacaville
HS Grads: 427, First-time Frosh: 203
 Benicia High, Benicia
HS Grads: 387, First-time Frosh: 193
 Fairfield High, Fairfield
HS Grads: 380, First-time Frosh: 173
 Vanden High, Fairfield
HS Grads: 303, First-time Frosh: 165
 Vallejo High, Vallejo
HS Grads: 271, First-time Frosh: 97
 Hogan High, Vallejo
HS Grads: 270, First-time Frosh: 93
 Jesse M. Bethel High, Vallejo
HS Grads: 254, First-time Frosh: 93
 Dixon High, Dixon
HS Grads: 223, First-time Frosh: 126
 Elise P. Buckingham Charter, Vacaville
HS Grads: 96, First-time Frosh: 50
 MIT Academy, Vallejo
HS Grads: 38, First-time Frosh: 6